For unpublished and shorter pieces see: (Fremantle initiated ecoartscotland in 2010) (Fremantle is one of the co-producers for PAR+RS, Creative Scotland’s national public art development programme.  He was appointed Autumn 2011)



Panel Chair, Scotland vs. the US: Who Sets The Agenda for Public Art? 23rd International Sculpture Conference, Chicago
How do public art projects develop? This panel will explore City public arts programs as well as artist-led approaches from both Scotland and the US.  Panel includes George Beasley, Professor Emeritus, Georgia State University; Mary Bates Neubauer, Professor, Arizona State University; Jana Weldon, Senior Project Manager, Scottsdale Public Art Programme.

Reflections on Collaboration, a-n magazine (May)
a-n have published some 35 articles in the past four years which have been tagged with ‘collaborative relationships’.  Fremantle was asked to explore key themes in collaborative practice through the collection.  Drawing on both Missions, Models, Money’s work on collaboration, as well as Grant Kester’s new book The one and the many, Fremantle considers various aspects of collaboration as well as the wider political context.


Distraction and attention: health, nature and art in the GROVE project at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde’s New Stobhill Hospital.
Proceedings of the 1st European Conference on Design 4 Health 2011, (Sheffield, 13-15th July 2011)
Editor: Dr Alaster Yoxall, ISBN: 978-1-84387-352-5, 2012 Sheffield Hallam University

New Victoria and New Stobhill Hospitals’ Art Projects (photoessay)
with Jackie Sands
Published on PAR+RS (Public Art Research + Resource Scotland


Visual art in hospitals: case studies and review of the evidence
with Louise Lankston, Pearce Cusack and Chris Isles
Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, December 2010 103:490—499

Working in Public: Art, Practice, and Policy
with Prof Anne Douglas,
Published on PAR+RS (Public Art Research + Resource Scotland)


BOSarts Seminar, Zennor, Cornwall

10 Years is short in geological time:  Place of Origin, a ‘landscape as art’ project in Scotland
Public Art Scotland

The Artist as Leader Research Report
with Prof Anne Douglas
The Robert Gordon University, ISBN 978-1-901085-98-3


Breaking through the Aesthetics of Public Art
With Prof Anne Douglas
Sensuous Knowledges 5, KHiB, Bergen

Making Poetry to Invent Policy:
the Practice of Helen Mayer Harrison and Newton Harrison

Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment UK Conference, University of Edinburgh

Explorations in Communication: Discussion Series, Home Office
Discussion with Gavin Renwick and Lesley Riddoch
Cooper Gallery, Duncan of Jordanstone

co-editor on Seminar 4: Working in Public Seminars web site,


Leading Through Practice
with Anne Douglas
including commissioned essays by Linda Frye Burnham, Reiko Goto, Francis McKee and Tim Nunn
[a-n] The Artists Information Company, ISBN 0 907730 75 2

People used to talk about ‘eskimos’ having thirty words for snow…
in Hidden Landscape: Text & Image, Cairn Gorm: Reading a Landscape: Book One
Arthur Watson
CairnGorm Mountain Trust ISBN 978-0-9558049-0-8

Greenhouse Britain: On the future of the Lee Valley
Bright Sparks Seminars (March and November)
Gunpowder Park, Essex

The Artist as Leader
with Anne Douglas
Common Work Conference, Institute of Education, University of Stirling and Tramway


Inthrow: Revealing Change
Douglas, A, (ed) with Fremantle, C. & Delday, H.,
The Robert Gordon University in collaboration with Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, University of Dundee, ISBN 1 901 085 80 5

Maps in the Work of Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison
The Map Designers Conference, British Cartographic Society, The Lighthouse, Glasgow,

When is the artist a creative leader? A provisional framework
with Anne Douglas
Highlands and Islands Visual Arts Gathering, Ullapool

When is the artist a creative leader? A provisional framework
with Anne Douglas
Creative Rural Economy Conference, Littoral Trust, University of Lancaster

Inhabiting Criticality
Port Glasgow Book Project Seminar
Dick Institute, Kilmarnock

Leaving the ground more fertile
Research Seminar, University of Paisley


Leaving the (social) ground of (artistic) intervention more fertile,
with Anne Douglas
Sensuous Knowledge 2, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Darwin Summer Symposium, Shrewsbury


The Dynamics of the Edge
with Anne Douglas and Heather Delday
Sensuous Knowledge Conference, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

The inevitability of talking about industrial decline and Robert Smithson
NNKS Seminar, Harstad, Norway


An epistemology of a residency centre
8th General Meeting of Res Artis (the Association of International Residency Centres), Helsinki

Interview with Charles Jencks,
with Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters

Bob Dylan acknowledges a debt to the bothy ballads of the north East of Scotland
unpublished essay


Conversations Rural: Wilhelm Scherubl
with Anne Douglas
published in catalogue/poster ‘Zero’, Duff House

Conversations Rural: Mary Bourne
With Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters 9

Conversations Rural: Mark Johnstone
with Anne Douglas
Living the Land, Gray’s School of Art


Conversations Rural: Donald Urquhart
with Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters 6

Conversations Rural: John Hunter
with Anne Douglas


Room with a View: Duff House
Interview with participating artists
Gray’s School of Art ISBN 1 901085 30 9

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