I am a producer, researcher, writer and artist. I live in Ayr in the South West of Scotland.

As a producer I work with artists to realise projects in public places – it’s different from being a curator in that the places where the work happens belong to someone else and there is always a negotiation. For me this is a good thing, not a ‘compromise’. It means that the work has to have a relationship, sometimes constructive, sometimes conflicted, but never isolated from everyday life.

As a researcher I bring questions to everything I do. I write about projects either because the practice is exemplary and I want to draw out its value, or because it’s a project I’m involved in and I want to share the process and intentions. You can access my research portfolio on ORCID

One way and another I do a lot of writing, and in addition to the formal academic writing you can find through ORCID, you’ll also find my writing on ecoartscotland (which I established as a platform for research and practice in 2010 and continue to develop), here on this blog (which I started as a diary of exhibitions I had seen) and on various other blogs and platforms.

I am an artist – not enough of the time – but I draw and do other things and periodically my work has been exhibited.

I am currently a Lecturer on the Contemporary Art Practice programme and Senior Research Fellow at Gray’s School of Art.

I’m on the Board of Ayr Gaiety Partnership and was part of the team that rescued the theatre after the local authority closed it down. I am on the Board of the South Ayrshire Arts Partnership. I served on the Executive of the Scottish Artists Union for 10 years. I am a Fellow of the RSA.

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  1. Calum Muir said, on December 17, 2009 at 5:10 pm

    Hi Chris

    Thanks so much for lending your time during visiting NHSGGC New Victoria in April 2009.

    I compiled my Design studies research as an essay & thoroughly enjoyed researching & writing this.

    You are of course credited in the writing. You could view it at in PDF format. There is a slight amount of outcome from the research conducted.

    Thanks again

  2. Keynotes | Feeding the insatiable said, on September 3, 2016 at 1:00 pm

    […] Read Robert and Elizabeth’s 2010 article ‘Public Art of the Sustainable City‘ from 2010. Read more about Chris Fremantle and his work […]

  3. […] Read Robert and Elizabeth’s 2010 article ‘Public Art of the Sustainable City‘ from 2010. Read more about Chris Fremantle and his work […]

  4. […] thanks to Chris Fremantle for pointing me to Donna Meadows’ article, on reading msb ~095 Three faces of […]

  5. janeingramallen said, on September 18, 2021 at 8:05 pm

    Hi Chris,
    You will remember me for my work in Taiwan as Curator and Fulbright Artist. Just wanted to let you know that my recent series of escart projects “Living Quilts” were featured in an article in ART NEWS on Sept. 8, 2021. Here is the link:

    Thank you for your great Blog and continuing support of eco art around the world. Let’s keep in touch.
    Best wishes,

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