Exploring Places

All the trees (Chapel of St. Nicholas)


The Edge (Chris Fremantle and Anne Douglas) for *periphery, a project by Gymnasium in association with YH485 Press
2009.  Download a pdf.


All the trees (North Sea Mecox)

All the trees at 407 North Sea Mecox photographed on 2nd and 3rd  July 2009


Carron Ravenscraig Glengarnock
2004, 2009




See the Monuments of Newton-on-Ayr [not posted yet]


My Gallery in a Hat

Hearing a description of one of Allan Kaprow’s works, I thought it would be interesting to attempt the same sort of thing.


Ayr Puns
2008 ongoing

I made this in response to living in Ayr and becoming sensitive to the seaside culture.



I made this as a way of documenting and reflecting on NVA’s Half-Life installation and performance in Kilmartin.


Extraordinary Rendition


See the Monuments of Lumsden, Aberdeenshire

I made this as a result of:

1.  Discovering Robert Smithson’s work See the Monuments of Passaic, New Jersey.
2.  Walking around the village of Lumsden where I was living and noticing the significant infrastructure for water as an ‘invisible’ series of Monuments.


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