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Writing 2005 and earlier


Leaving the (social) ground of (artistic) intervention more fertile,
with Anne Douglas
Sensuous Knowledge 2, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
Darwin Summer Symposium, Shrewsbury


The Dynamics of the Edge
with Anne Douglas and Heather Delday
Sensuous Knowledge Conference, Bergen National Academy of the Arts

The inevitability of talking about industrial decline and Robert Smithson
NNKS Seminar, Harstad, Norway


An epistemology of a residency centre
8th General Meeting of Res Artis (the Association of International Residency Centres), Helsinki

Interview with Charles Jencks,
with Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters

Bob Dylan acknowledges a debt to the bothy ballads of the north East of Scotland
unpublished essay


Conversations Rural: Wilhelm Scherubl
with Anne Douglas
published in catalogue/poster ‘Zero’, Duff House

Conversations Rural: Mary Bourne
With Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters 9

Conversations Rural: Mark Johnstone
with Anne Douglas
Living the Land, Gray’s School of Art


Conversations Rural: Donald Urquhart
with Anne Douglas
Sculpture Matters 6

Conversations Rural: John Hunter
with Anne Douglas


Room with a View: Duff House
Interview with participating artists
Gray’s School of Art ISBN 1 901085 30 9

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