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Posted in Research, Texts by chrisfremantle on July 8, 2004

children, spaces, relations – metaproject for an environment for young children
Ed. Giulio Ceppi and Michele Zini, Reggio Children, 1998
‘The municipal infant-toddler centers and pre-schools of Reggio Emilia are internationally recognised as an experience of particular cultural interest and constitute a model of “relational space” dedicated to young children.
As part of a range of activities and initiatives organised to further develop and promote this educational experience spearheaded by Loris Malaguzzi, Reggio Children initiated a line of research in conjunction with Domus Academy on designing spaces for young children. The aim of this project is to enable a “meeting of minds” between the avant-garde pedagogical philosophy of the Reggio Emilia preschools and innovative experiences within the culture of design and architecture.’

Figuring It Out: The Parallel Visions of Artists and Archaeologists,
Colin Renfrew, Thames and Hudson, 2003

Leon Battista Alberti: Master Builder of the Italian Renaissance,
Anthony Grafton, Penguin Books, 2002

Ghost Riders: Travels with American Nomads,
Richard Grant, Little Brown & Company, 2003

Francois Matarasso’s Nine Principles of Success

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