Renewable Energy

Posted in Texts by chrisfremantle on July 14, 2004

The Energy Sang
by Sheena Blackhall

Tune: Underneath the spreading
chestnut tree

Petrol, ile an deisel, poor it in,
Fuel tae makk yer motor rin.
Win an fire an watter aa can gie
Pouer tae use as energy.

North Sea gas can cook yer tea
Hydro dams makk electricity
Win an fire an watter aa can gie
Pouer tae use as energy.

Tarry coal an kinnlers, wid an peat
Burn in the fire tae gie us heat
Win an fire an watter, aa can gie,
Pouer tae use an energy.

by W. L. Ferguson

GOD made o Scotland a braw place,
Wi knowes an howes an burns that race
Doon mountain sides wi foamy grace
To meet the tarns
That i’ their azure depths embrace
The gowden starns.

But cunnin chiels frae Babylon
Maun turn Creation upside doon;
God’s solitude becomes a toon
Wi mills a’ birlin;
Its reekin lums mak nicht o noon,
-An a’ for sterlin!

Thae Babylonians, oot for gain,
Wad rin oor rivers throu a drain,
Or pit a loch whaur there was nane;
A strath, they’d move it!
Oh! gowd can mak ruch places plain,
-Thae chiels’ll prove it!

Commerce an Industry an Lear
Hae lang been Mon’s chief end doon here,
But noo he something’s fand, I fear
‘ll blast an blaw Himsel, his schemes, poo’er, plant an gear
To smithers a’!

If you know of any others please send them to me.

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