What art have I seen?

Posted in CF Writing, Exhibitions by chrisfremantle on July 8, 2006

John Latham: Time Base and the Universe

John Hansard Gallery, Southampton

An opportunity to see more of Latham’s work (having previously seen the show at the Tate Britain in 2006 and the show at the Lisson, God is Great, in 2005).

Work I had not seen before about the West Lothian bings and the skoob towers. More films including one that explores the same territory as eames power of 10. The film ‘Unedited Material from the Star’ which I had seen at the Tate is also included. I see the sea shore. Gill sees minerals. I particularly enjoy as Latham gets into the process and begins to play around with sequences of colours – there is humour and inspiration.

In a way that the obituaries failed to do, this exhibition does justice to the scale and complexity of Latham’s vision. Once again we are left uncertain and challenged, with moments of clarity, and others of incomprehension.

In ‘(Rephrase) Zero Space, Zero Time, Infinite Heat’ once again the idea of the minimum possible event is explored. In this case a linear sequence of sheets of paper with short typed texts explain the presence and absence of spots. In this case not sprays, but single spots. The final ‘frame’ is a stack of pieces of paper all assumed to have spots and to represent certainty after the sequence of uncertainty (Gill liked this one).

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