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Posted in Texts by chrisfremantle on January 18, 2008

Deutsche Telekom AG Q1 2007 Earnings Call Transcript

Mr. Chris Fremantle from Morgan Stanley, may you ask your question please?

Chris Fremantle – Morgan Stanley

Yes, thanks very much. Two questions. First of all, for Dr. Eick, on what he just said about the unions, could you just clarify that you’re able also to make the reductions in wages without the union’s approval. And also, whether or not you’ve considered taking a different tack, which would be to offer generous redundancy terms rather than reduced wages to the Telekom workers?

And then secondly a question really for Mr. Obermann, on the mobile side, not as much as the (inaudible) but also on the mobile side, there appeared to be a cost problem. In (inaudible), the margins are only two percentage points higher than E Plus, a company which is just over a third of the size.

And obviously in the UK the margin fell nine percentage points versus Q4, even though the net ads were similar. What is your perspective on the costs issues within T-Mobile and how those are going to be addressed?

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