What art have I seen?

Posted in Sited work, Texts by chrisfremantle on April 11, 2008

Art About‘s WHAT HAPPENED HERE. I went into the Carnegie Library in Ayr on Friday afternoon and the entrance hall was covered in pictures with hand written comments. Very different from the Ayr Photographic Society’s annual exhibition in the Reference Section. This was clearly improvised and ad hoc. Rachel and Pamela have taken a selection of views of Ayr and photocopied them adding a question under the picture “What Happened Here?” You can add your name and contact details at the bottom.
Walking around the entrance hall people from Ayr have talked about where they have had ice cream and sun burn, where they have fights and kisses. Some talk about the historical significance of sites.
This is preparatory to some planned ‘public art’ event to take place during the Burns an’ a’ that Festival in May. Its interesting because I had just seen the Caravan Club at GI in Glasgow, with their post cards of various graffiti written and derelict sites around the UK. Rachel and Pamela approach is interesting because they are building an audience for the Festival work by getting people involved at this stage. More later.

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