What Art have I seen?

Posted in Exhibitions by chrisfremantle on December 10, 2009

The End of the Line: Attitudes in Drawing

A Hayward touring show seen at the Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh. Naoyuki Tsuji’s animations using charcoal, leaving the trace of each previous frame, were stunning. Wonderful, magical and fantastical episodes. Fernando Bryce’s work forms a catalogue created from newspapers, maps and photos drawing attention to colonialism in Africa and Europe. David Haines’ works were frankly scary groups of boys, the recurring theme of trainers and voilence. But there was something quite strange in the selection: whilst drawing is something done for many different purposes, frequently not art (e.g. engineering, architecture, anthropology, archaeology) none of this work was anything other than art. There was no aspect which blurred any boundaries between art and any other purpose for drawing.

Inspace – first exhibition in the new partnership between New Media Scotland and the Informatics Department at Edinburgh University. Went having seen the video of the Perpetual Storytelling Apparatus, I was more interested in the One project.

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