AAAARG.ORG is gone

Posted in Research by chrisfremantle on June 10, 2010

I think aaaarg left ten days ago.  I didn’t notice until I wondered where the daily emails had gone.  At different times I have opened them every morning, or they accumulated punctuating my inbox for a while until I worked my way back through them.  There are still some in my inbox now, but they are suddenly meaningless.  Now I wish that they were all still there, hundreds of them, a history punctuating my life.   But change is often a new improvisation, a reconfiguration, rather than an abrupt break (those exist too: before aaaarg was not abruptly different.  It took a while to come into existence, and now it has gone it exists as a possibility and a memory).

What can I say? “Sorry.  Goodbye.  If you come back let me know.”

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