Center for Urban Pedagogy

Posted in Sited work, Texts by chrisfremantle on August 29, 2010

Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP) releases another three in the series of Making Policy Public posters.  CUP, based in NY, make educational projects about places and how they change.

Barriers to Reentry. This poster takes a look at formerly incarcerated people and the difficulties they face when trying to reenter the workforce. It was produced through a collaboration with the Fortune Society and Sara McKay.

I Got Arrested! Now What? This poster breaks down the juvenile justice system comic-style. It was produced through a collaboration with the Center for Court Innovation, the Youth Justice Board, and Danica Novgorodoff.

Immigrants Beware! This poster explores the immigration consequences of criminal convictions and gives non-citizens knowledge and resources to fight the deportation process. It was produced through a collaboration with Families for Freedom and designers Lana Cavar and Tamara Maletic.

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