What art have I seen?

Posted in Exhibitions by chrisfremantle on November 2, 2010

Streetlevel‘s two exhibitions, Victor Albrow and Frances McCourt’s Carbeth, are both interesting in very different ways.  Where McCourt’s images are close to snapshots of the hutting community at Carbeth.  Albrow’s images are completely different: clearly constructed, lit to create an artificial quality, looking almost like paintings.  I went to see McCourt’s work but came away very pleased I had seen Albrow’s as well.  Talking with Chris Biddlecombe about McCourt’s approach to the subject, I think we both felt that some more strangeness could have been drawn out, either in terms of scale (imagine if the images were life-sized), or if there was more sense of invading the person space of other people (less postcard and more creeping around).

As a postscript there is also a hutting community outside Ayr.  I’ve been past a couple of times, the second when introducing Brett Bloom to Ayrshire a few weeks ago.  On that occasion we ran into some of the inhabitants who were renovating one of the huts.

Huts near Ayr (2009) Photo: Chris Fremantle

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