“We are not very good at love.”

Posted in News, Research, Sited work by chrisfremantle on January 25, 2011

Fascinating programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday (Mon 24th Jan) on the various factors making Glasgow one of the unhealthiest places to live.  The programme discusses de-industrialisation (comparing with other parts of UK and Europe including Poland and Moravia), ghettoisation, genetics (not generally considered to be important), drink, drugs, violence (as the apparently default Glaswegian response) and Thatcherism as factors impacting on health.  Conversely the programme considers the problems associated with infrastructure focused regeneration, culture and the question of hope.   Drawing on expertise from the Glasgow Centre for Population Health and the Centre for Confidence and Well-Being (“We are not very good at love.”), this excellent programme discusses the impact of childhood experiences and dysfunctional upbringings amongst the key factors.

BBC iPlayer – The Glasgow Effect.

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