Open Academy Ulaanbaatar

Posted in News, Research, Sited work by chrisfremantle on May 23, 2011

Jay Koh and Chu Chu Yuan of the international Forum for InterMedia Art has recently announced Phase II of the Open Academy in Ulaanbaatar.

Open Academy Ulaanbaatar is an art and cultural resource development programme and phase 1 took place in 2008 – 09. Workshops will be conducted from late May to July, followed by projects led by local participants that will take place till early October.

There will be 4 projects organised around the following categories:

  1. Project involving cross-sectoral collaboration amongst Ulaanbaatar residents, with ideas grown and negotiated between collaborators
  2. Project that emphasises practical execution of arts and cultural management knowledge gained from OAU
  3. Project that explores local historical and culturally relevant themes, to connect the past with present through practices, narratives, networks and/or structures
  4. Project on urban/rural ecology, to explore durational creative engagements with the ecology of communities whose livelihood depends on the land.

The workshops are open to all residents in Ulaanbaatar and all projects are led by local participants and selected through an open call process by a local panel. Workshop facilitators for Phase 2 are Chu Yuan, Jay Koh, Defne Aryas, Burka Arikan and Richard Kamler.

Open Academy has been carried out in Hanoi, Hue, Mandalay and Yangon since 2003 by international Forum for InterMedia Art (iFIMA).  Open Academy Ulaanbaatar is supported by Prince Claus Fund from The Netherlands.  enquiry:

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