Notification of intention to ballot for strike action

Posted in News, Strike by chrisfremantle on April 24, 2012

The cultural workers of Fremantle Consultants have called a ballot on strike action. They accuse the management of gross hypocrisy.

This email dated 24 April 2012 constitutes formal notification seven days in advance of the ballot. The ballot will take place on 2 May 2012.

Cultural workers at Fremantle Consultants’ offices at 21 Woodfield Road, Ayr, KA8 8LZ, will be balloted.

Subject to the ballot, strike action will take place on Friday 4 May 2012.

This strike action is undertaken as a ‘wildcat’ strike, not associated with any Union.

The cultural workers at Fremantle Consultants have been in negotiations with management since 27 February 2006, during which time no resolution has been reached.

Fremantle Consultants are accused of:-

  • Believing in the value of arts and culture for their own sake, the importance of aesthetics and fun, whilst simultaneously basing arts and cultural development on the social, health, mental health and environmental impacts.
  • Promoting localism and grassroots activity whilst simultaneously working on massively centralising public service projects;
  • Articulating and supporting commons based and alternative approaches to knowledge and creativity whilst simultaneously developing projects intended to utilise copyright to financialise artworks.
  • Critiquing corporate capital whilst being reliant on the self-same systems professionally and personally.
  • Challenging the roots and effects of precarity within the arts whilst utilising processes and procedures which reinforce precarious working.

Organising Committee



  1. Only workers at Fremantle Consultants are entitled to vote.
  2. Because there are less than 50 people entitled to vote there is no requirement to appoint a scrutineer.
  3. The ballot paper is attached strike ballot as required and has been agreed by the branch secretary.
  4. Unison’s guidance as set out in Unison Industrial Action Handbook (2009) has been followed.

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