Launching Greens Continuous Cover Forest policy at Irish Forestry Show

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisfremantle on May 13, 2013

The Hollywood Forest Story : An EcoSocial Art Practice | Co. Carlow Ireland

Main points of the Irish Green Party Forestry policy (2013-16):

  • To promote a graduated adoption to Close to Nature-Continuous Cover permanent forestry silvicultural systems and management (without clear felling), thus (i) ultimately creating permanent biodiverse forests containing trees of all ages, (ii) providing a more sustainable flow of products once the system is in place and (iii) maintaining the “capital” of mature and diverse forests to resist the threat and risks associated with climate change, such as new pests and diseases.
  • The planting of 10,000 ha (preferably 15,000 ha– double what was planted in 2011) trees per annum until 2035, of which broadleaves should be well over the 38% planted in 2010. 15,000 ha would give 490 direct sustainable jobs per year, plus downstream employment, mostly in rural areas. (This would still leave Ireland with well below the European average of 43% forestry cover.)
  • The retention of hedgerows and…

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