La mia Cura Open Source / My Open Source Cure

Posted in Arts & Health, News by chrisfremantle on February 19, 2014

“We can transform the meaning of the word “cure”. We can transform the role of knowledge. We can be human.”
Salvatore Iaconesi

Salvatore’s diagonsis with brain cancer has led to his open sourcing of his medicalisation by cracking the digital files associated with his Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scans, and inviting anyone to contribute to his cure.  Of course he had surgery, and the point of the process is not whether any one suggestion was more likely to be successful, but rather that he opened up the process to a shared dialogue demonstrating FLOSS principles.  He argues that this enabled him to be human again at a point where he had disappeared in the industrialised process of healthcare.

La mia Cura Open Source / My Open Source Cure and the project page on Art is Open Source including links to the extensive press coverage.

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