What art have I seen? Carl Andre

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisfremantle on August 15, 2014

Dan Flavin Institute. Photo Chris Fremantle

Currently at the Dan Flavin Institute in Bridgehampton you can see an exhibition of cards and letters that Carl Andre sent to Sol LeWitt (press release here).
It’s pretty clear that they must have shared a sense of humour as well as an aesthetic.
There is on sequence of instructions for painting landscape (a card divided into a grid of six boxes -three by two – in each box is the name of one colour paired with the names of one of six other colours. Down the side of the card is written the word foliage). Following the instructions should lead to works which might remind you of works by Joseph Albers.
There’s another set of 16 cards each, in sequence, with three lines of the biography of Spinoza pasted onto them. 
There’s a set with different materials’ polar curves (something to do with algebra), again cut out of a University textbook. image
This pretty much demonstrates a number of LeWitt’s Sentences on Conceptual Art such as “Irrational thoughts should be followed absolutely and logically.” Sorry not to be here for part 2 in the winter featuring Andre’s poetry.

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