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Read Johnny Galley’s blog on the seminar at Talbot Rice. I’ve posted on Tim Rollins and the K.O.S. before and was privileged to be at this event. I also use Tim Ingold and Elizabeth Hallam’s observation about innovation and improvisation.

Tim Rollins & K.O.S.

gang Tim Rollins and KOS, New York, late eighties

In August 2012, Tim Rollins and KOS arrived in Edinburgh in advance of the opening of their exhibition, The Black Spot, at the Talbot Rice Gallery. In partnership with the gallery, Artworks Scotland organised a day’s seminar for practicing artists and educators, which sought to explore   ‘what was there to learn from Tim’s long practice?’  By gathering written responses of the seminar from five practicing artists and educators, we have sought to collate multiple responses that may be of transference to other educators working in the field:

The following are some ten thoughts, responding to the artists’ reviews, of what artists’ might take from Tim Rollins’ practice.

 1. Charisma

There is no doubt that Tim has presence.  Attendees talked of being ‘intoxicated’ by Tim’s presentation, and by his style of presentation.  Holding a room, being confident, being a performer…

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