What art have I seen? Drawing at RSA

Posted in Uncategorized by chrisfremantle on February 19, 2015

Scottish Drawing exhibition at the RSA in Edinburgh – a few thoughts on what was unexpected, familiar, unfamiliar, obsessibe, a reminder, revealing, evocative, relational, quiet, surprising, severe, known and unknown, small.

Most Marion Smith
Next Will Maclean
But also Glen Onwin one unexpectedly direct Galena; one intriguingly complex – The unchanging and the changing; and one I think I knew about – Flow of Near Solids (A proposal)

Familiar from recent encounters David Blyth.

Unfamiliar Alfons Bytautus, Lorna McIntosh.

Obsessive Charles Stiven.

Reminder James Castle.

Revealing Joe Fan, particularly Spring Time Chaos.

Evocative Annie Cattrell Sustain, Sustain I and II

Relationships between for instance Frances Pelly’s PI, a concertina of drawings of a sleeping dog and CameronWebster’s visual narrative of house from sketch to completion.

Quiet works including Andy Cranston and Anne Douglas

Surprising Leon Morrocco. Vibrant, engaging, challenging the chromophobia of drawing.

Severe Arthur Watson

Known Frances Walker and Doug Cocker and unknown Fiona Dean.

The smallest revealing the most – Andy Stenhouse’s Tone Poem : Tone Dee (Harbour).

Missing Donald Urquhart,

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