What art have I seen? Gathering by Alec Finlay

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Finlay, Manifesto for Walking

Alec Finlay’s exhibition Gathering at W OR M in Aberdeen opens up a relationship with the Scottish environment (that which is around us whether urban, rural, forest or mountain top) as a space of walking and hutting, but also of re-wilding and in which to make poetry. We think of mountains and forests in the sublime tradition of art, but Alec gives us this in everyday and contemporary terms. He uses games and the domestic, even children’s toy blocks, to engage us. His form of concrete poetry, poetry to exist in the world, in workplaces and domestic spaces, is quirky but not precious.

Finlay, Timeline of Re-Wilding

Interview with Alec Finlay on Navigations

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What am I reading?

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Atoms of Delight: an anthology of Scottish haiku and short poems, Edited by Alec Finlay, Pocketbooks, 2000

Distance & Proximity, Thomas A Clark, Pocketbooks, 2000

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