NSAIS Commission Dividing Wall (Delta)

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First Commission for NHS Ayrshire & Arran‘s new Foxgrove National Secure Adolescent Inpatient Service.
How do you use a wall to provide security but also contribute to a therapeutic environment? 
We are looking for a designer/maker individual or team to develop and deliver a solution for a dividing wall required for safety separating the main dining space from the main living space. The wall should enhance safety and security within the facility but also enhance the therapeutic milieu of the facility, providing a feature which inspires confidence in the young people and pride in the staff group.
You will have:
• experience of collaborating with Project Architects
• track record of work for justice, education, or health/wellbeing
• engagement-focused practice
• delivered high quality integrated elements on time and to budget
Foxgrove, the National Secure Inpatient Adolescent Service (NSAIS) will provide support, education and rehabilitation for young people with mental health disorders where the risk of harm to others or themselves is beyond what can be provided by other mental health services.
Total budget £40,000 exc VAT

Deadline 13 December 2021

Full brief here

Failure and Mental Health

Posted in Failure by chrisfremantle on August 2, 2016

We were challenged in the q&a after our presentation on the Art(s) of Failure at the Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities Summer School on the question of mental health.

There is no smart relationship between working with failure and mental health issues.  Anyone saying to someone depressed or with other mental health challenges that they need to learn to ‘work with failure’ is wrong.  Using failure as part of a creative process requires a degree of mental strength and resilience.  It just does.  Only the person knows what they can do.  All the serious advice on mental health and depression says to support the individual, not give them any sort of ‘get over it’.

If you know someone with mental health issues then please don’t advise them to find ways to use their failures.  Rather support them appropriately.  If you are not sure, here are a couple of links.

Scottish Association for Mental Health

Advice for friends and family from MIND


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No Flowers on the Psych Ward

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