Liam Gillick quotes Peter Fend

Posted in Texts by chrisfremantle on June 3, 2009

“Art is an investigation by human animals into constructable or alterable aspects of the material surroundings.  It is prior to technology or the invention of tools.  It is therefore a seedbed of economy.  Of course this is not how it is usually perceived at least in society today.  Which explains how society – that is, modern civilisation – is so unresponsive to its divergence from ecological cycles, or to basic human needs for shelter and food.  Any failure in material culture results from a failure to adopt the lessons, the probings, the investigations of art.”

p.38 Gillick, L. Proxemics: Selected Writings (1988-2006) Zurich: JRP Ringler and Dijon: Les Presses du reel

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