Pecha Kucha: 6 mins 20 secs

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If you start with the sentence “My practice is focused by place,” then the next sentence that logical follows is “I’ve been working in … Ireland, Palestine, Siberia.” Whereas if you start with the sentence “My practice is focused by context,” then the next logical sentence can be any one of a very large number of things… [more]

This text and the associated slides were presented at the Pecha Kucha held at the RSA in Edinburgh.

Pecha Kucha Invite

Liam Gillick quotes Peter Fend

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“Art is an investigation by human animals into constructable or alterable aspects of the material surroundings.  It is prior to technology or the invention of tools.  It is therefore a seedbed of economy.  Of course this is not how it is usually perceived at least in society today.  Which explains how society – that is, modern civilisation – is so unresponsive to its divergence from ecological cycles, or to basic human needs for shelter and food.  Any failure in material culture results from a failure to adopt the lessons, the probings, the investigations of art.”

p.38 Gillick, L. Proxemics: Selected Writings (1988-2006) Zurich: JRP Ringler and Dijon: Les Presses du reel

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