Pecha Kucha: 6 mins 20 secs

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If you start with the sentence “My practice is focused by place,” then the next sentence that logical follows is “I’ve been working in … Ireland, Palestine, Siberia.” Whereas if you start with the sentence “My practice is focused by context,” then the next logical sentence can be any one of a very large number of things… [more]

This text and the associated slides were presented at the Pecha Kucha held at the RSA in Edinburgh.

Pecha Kucha Invite

What art have I seen?

Posted in Exhibitions by chrisfremantle on April 25, 2009

Thoughts on Altermodern
Our icons
Our detritus
Our living spaces remade exactly as they are
Our failed utopias
new ways of seeing old images (Spartacus Chetwynd’s baroque p#rn)
Experiencing experiencing culture (recording reading a book)
Activism aestheticised
Every sort of involvement from discussions with the curator becoming art to volunteers performing songs
Heroes with young turks
The impossibility of nature (Ackerman and Coates)
Reproduction – what does it mean? (the singing faces and the Simon Starling)

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