Audiences and and… pt8

Posted in Audiences and, Sound by chrisfremantle on October 19, 2020
Alan Moore (“comic artist and warlock”) and Brian Eno… Alan Moore: “…purpose in art is something which has obsessed you – the ambient music – this was music with a social function. Was this a breakthrough for you? In actually finding a different way to apply music? Brian Eno: “Yes, well, I think I’d noticed that one of the things that characterises all new forms of music is an accompanying new way of listening. Every new musical proposition is a new proposition about what you do as a listener…”
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“Honour thy error as a hidden intent”

Posted in Failure by chrisfremantle on August 16, 2020

Brian Eno’s new work for a hospital

Posted in Arts & Health by chrisfremantle on April 25, 2013

Beautiful piece on Radio 4’s Today programme Friday 19th April talking about Brian Eno’s new work for a hospital in Hove.  It absolutely captured all the thoughts about our experiences of hospitals.  It was also reported in the Independent here.

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