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Alan Moore (“comic artist and warlock”) and Brian Eno… Alan Moore: “…purpose in art is something which has obsessed you – the ambient music – this was music with a social function. Was this a breakthrough for you? In actually finding a different way to apply music? Brian Eno: “Yes, well, I think I’d noticed that one of the things that characterises all new forms of music is an accompanying new way of listening. Every new musical proposition is a new proposition about what you do as a listener…”
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What art have I seen? Nick Cave’s ‘Until’ and Red Note improvising

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We were at the evening organised by ArtLink Edinburgh where, as part of their Altered States programme in association with Nick Cave’s ‘Until’ installation in Tramway, Red Note Ensemble improvised for a mixed ability audience.

ArtLink is an ‘arts and disability’ organisation, and this immersive experience was amazing, taking an already stunning installation and creating a moment where an audience spent time together just being … in our bodies, in the environment, in the light and glitter, in the sounds…

Olid Nordhausen

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The Heart Sutra [2004] | Chris Dooks

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What art have I seen?

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Hanna Tuulikki performed parts of her work Salutation to the Sun, first presented a few years ago, at the Sound Lab at the City Halls Glasgow.  It was followed by the film The Crystal Liturgy about Olivier Messiaen and his interest in landscape and ornithology.

What art have I seen?

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At the Wellcome Collection this morning:

Bill Fontana’s White Sound: an Urban Seascape;

Felicity Powell’s A Charmed Life: The Solace of Objects;

Infinitas Gracias: Mexian Miracle Paintings;

and at the Freud Museum, in addition to his collection of sculptures, Barbara Loftus’ Sigismund’s Watch: a tiny catastrophe.

“a bell-like alarm denoting histories in the making.”

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Chris Dooks’ Elephant

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Chris Dooks eclectic Ayrtime programme of Literature, Alt-Folk (and Alasdair Roberts was so good last night), Astronomy and Theatre taking place in Ayr at the moment. Season 2 in the Autumn.

Listening to Alastair Roberts I kept thinking about Martyn Bennett and was reminded how important it is to tell those strange and brutal stories of death. 

Next is Wounded Knee.

Listen to…

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