Historical example of an artist in residence in a medical school

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Beth Carruthers kindly highlighted this fascinating report by Pam Hall on her residency in the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador in 1997-99.  It’s interesting reading and in key respects still very relevant.

What art have I seen? Graham Fagen at GSA

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Still reflecting

What art have I seen? Radical Geommetry

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Radical Geommetry at the Royal Academy is pretty quiet on a Saturday afternoon. I came because I’m interested in Carlos Cruz-Diez and his use of colour and optical effects (but the largest piece is in a room where you can’t stand back far enough to appreciate it). Anyway the reviews have tended to be concerned in whether South American abstraction was derivative or an interesting thing in itself. If this is derivative then what becomes of Jim Lambie when you are looking at Otero’s Colourhythm 38 of 1958?
But that might be unfair because Soto’s maquette for a mural (1952-53) probably became something like the piece of cast concrete public art outside Charing Cross Station in Glasgow – very dated. Could and should that sort of work be revitalised in the way Alex Frost has with mosaic (another 70s public art classic)? Yet the concerns of these artists (abstraction, interaction) remain relevant today, the aesthetic largely retains its power and South America has gone on contributing to ideas of what art can be (eg Ala Plastica, Grupo Etcetera).


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What art have I seen? Various in Edinburgh

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Scottish National Portrait Gallery including the John Byrne portraits and then the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art for more of Generation. Didn’t see all of it but Charles Avery’s drawings, Graham Fagen’s student flat as set, Lucy McKenzie, and of course Douglas Gordon’s 24 Hour Psycho, all reward attention. 

What art have I seen? Katie Paterson

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Katie Paterson at the Ingleby Gallery – I saw the Fossil Necklace at the Wellcome earlier this year. I was interested and happy to see more provocative work particularly in relation to time and movement through space.
Beautiful aphoristic/absurd statements cast in silver on the walls seem to be ideas of which no other form can exist.
The History of Darkness was also stunning when held up to the window with the Edinburgh skyline behind – Edinburgh seen through the black of deep space many light years in the distance/past.
And all the letters death notifying the death of stars posted to somebody in west London over a year – affecting and conceptual art.

What art have I seen? Alison Watt

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Alison Watt at Perth Museum and Art Gallery. The two rooms contain works from art school (Glasgow in the 80s) to 2014. The most recent piece has an almost photographic tonality and gloss to it. The interpretation is good, drawing out the renaissance (Titian), neoclassical (Ingres) and modern (Fontana) reference points.

Tom Boland’s 2014 West Highland Way Race Report

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We had the privilege of being base camp for Tom Boland and his support team as he did his 5th ultramarathon – running the West Highland Way – if you’re interested he’s written about it,

“Let me embrace thee, sour adversity, for wise men say it is the wisest course.” – William Shakespeare

22h29m, 47th Place


It’s a question that most people inevitably ask when they find out that I run Ultras.

Continue reading here, 2014 West Highland Way Race Report.

What art have I seen? Jim Lambie

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Jim Lambie’s exhibition at the Fruitmarket, part of Generation, includes classic work Zobop (the floor) and Shaved Ice (the mirror ladders).  I think I recognised both Rainbow Rising and Deep Purple in Rock in Stakka (the albums gaffer taped together with the images taped out leaving only the background colours visible).  By chance I saw Zobop in Transmission in 1999.  It’s still a great piece of work, drawing attention to the smallest details in the space in which it’s installed.  It’s definitely sculpture, but it could be painting too.

Eden visits Latvia

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Somewhere in the picture above is Eden, SSW’s Senior Technician, as he participates in “Master and Acolyte” a collaborative performance pour by artists George Beasley and Matt Toole at  the 7th International Iron conference held in Pedvale, Latvia last week.

Emerging unscathed from the experience Eden was quick to thank the SSW board for supporting his attendance at the conference, Aldaris, the manufacturers of super quality Latvian Lager, and the Federation of Latvian Potato Growers for providing the mainstay of his diet whilst over there.

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