What art have I seen? Joseph Kosuth

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Joseph Kosuth’s neon works installed Spruth Magers. The banding on the photo is I assume a frequency related to the neon/camera interaction. This work in the basement made the Greek myths into daily appointments. Upstairs  the neon treatment of Freud’s proofs of the galleys was one of a sequence of manifestations of others’ works including artists (including Judd and Calvin and Hobbes), theorists (including Adorno) and scientists (including Darwin).

What art have I seen? Adventures of the Black Square

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Whitechapel Gallery’s first class exhibition, Adventures of the Black Square. They take us for a very interesting walk following the black square in the 20th Century art, dance, design, architecture and craft. Particularly appreciated juxtaposition with David Batchelor’s Monochrome – 500 white quadrilaterals he’s found on his travels (and in the corner one screen showing the black ones).

What art have I seen? Rights of Nature

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What art have I seen? Mike Nelson

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Eighty Circles through Canada (the last possessions of an Orcadian mountain man), Mike Nelson’ show at Tramway in Glasgow. As an homage and as an exhibition it’s just right – very well judged. The two sides of the wall – one a sequence of slides of landscapes which you realise all feature a ring of stones, the remains of a camping fire; the other the remains of a life, some tubes of paint, some climbing equipment, a photo album, some clothes, old books, tapes of classical music, gridded out detritus.  Melancholy even without the back story.  But also somewhat humourous – you see rings of stones by rivers, in forests, burbling streams and with majestic mountains in the distance, and then you see one with a big rig going past – not all walks are in pristine wilderness.

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What art have I seen? Maclaurin Festival

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The whole of the Maclaurin Collection is on show at the moment including early 20th C British artists influenced by Futurism, St Ives School, every notable Scottish artist from the second half of the Century, the Bestiary, and really good work by Nash, Deacon, Hamilton Finlay and Maclean. Interspersed are works purchased from the Maclaurin Schools Competition. Well worth checking out. Not sure the recent acquisitions stand up well. Hopefully seeing the whole collection together will inspire the Trustees to be more careful and ambitious in their future purchases and perhaps learn from the founding curator and used exhbition offers and residencies to facilitate acquisitions. ‘s piece on the show with Mike Bailey

What art have I seen? Horst

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Horst at the V&A – would have liked to see some of his marked up photos next to the retouched published images. Also interesting to see that both Horst and one of his models spent time in the Louvre studying poses. But you can also see what the Street Photographers were reacting against – fashion photography as the ultimate constructed image.

What art have I seen? Post Pop

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Leicester leads new approach to maternity bereavement services

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Clear articulation of the design requirements and challenges of user consultation in dealing with dignity from this project in Leicester. Similar issues in New South Glasgow Hospitals’ Dignified Spaces project – you can see creative consultation process and initial design thinking here.

What art have I seen? David Blyth

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David Blyth’s astounding exhibition at RGU. Exploring and exploding taxidermy. Stories of Cyril the Squirrel and the Blyth’s Fitch Ranch in Manitoba  in the 30s and 40s. Years of stripping back stories.

What art have I seen? Mark Neville

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Mark Neville’s London/ Pittsburgh at
Alan Cristea.
Recent work by this Pulitzer nominated artist photographer exploring two juxtapositions of social inequality – one in London and the other in Pittsburgh (Braddock/Sewickley).
Mark said, “I had viewed both London and Pittsburgh through a prism mixed with Charles Dickens and Norman Rockwell. Sometimes the bringing together of two bodies of work made in different locations can generate new insights and reflections upon social divisions in each.”


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