What art have I seen? David Blyth

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David Blyth’s astounding exhibition at RGU. Exploring and exploding taxidermy. Stories of Cyril the Squirrel and the Blyth’s Fitch Ranch in Manitoba  in the 30s and 40s. Years of stripping back stories.

What art have I seen? Mark Neville

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Mark Neville’s London/ Pittsburgh at
Alan Cristea.
Recent work by this Pulitzer nominated artist photographer exploring two juxtapositions of social inequality – one in London and the other in Pittsburgh (Braddock/Sewickley).
Mark said, “I had viewed both London and Pittsburgh through a prism mixed with Charles Dickens and Norman Rockwell. Sometimes the bringing together of two bodies of work made in different locations can generate new insights and reflections upon social divisions in each.”

What art have I seen? Schiele and Johns

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The Courtauld has two fascinating exhibitions – Egon Schiele The Radical Nude and Jasper Johns Regrets. This analysis of the Johns exhibition from its showing at MoMA in New York is worth reading.

Ten thoughts from Johnny Galley

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Read Johnny Galley’s blog on the seminar at Talbot Rice. I’ve posted on Tim Rollins and the K.O.S. before and was privileged to be at this event. I also use Tim Ingold and Elizabeth Hallam’s observation about innovation and improvisation.

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Tim Rollins and KOS, New York, late eighties

In August 2012, Tim Rollins and KOS arrived in Edinburgh in advance of the opening of their exhibition, The Black Spot, at the Talbot Rice Gallery. In partnership with the gallery, Artworks Scotland organised a day’s seminar for practicing artists and educators, which sought to explore   ‘what was there to learn from Tim’s long practice?’  By gathering written responses of the seminar from five practicing artists and educators, we have sought to collate multiple responses that may be of transference to other educators working in the field:

The following are some ten thoughts, responding to the artists’ reviews, of what artists’ might take from Tim Rollins’ practice.

 1. Charisma

There is no doubt that Tim has presence.  Attendees talked of being ‘intoxicated’ by Tim’s presentation, and by his style of presentation.  Holding a room, being confident, being a performer…

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What art have I seen? Uwe Stoneman at Tent

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Will you miss the seabirds when they are gone? Uwe Stoneman works for the RSPB and is also an artist. This group of work uses a documentary approach as a means to speak about something where the level of care makes any other approach to difficult.

You Can Contribute

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Originally posted on Points of View:

Your contribution will be much appreciated!

The art of writing is the art of discovering what you believe.
Gustave Flaubert

The Ayrshire Health and Arts Blog will record and provide a place to discuss the new developments in the community and mental health facility that’s being built in Irvine and we’re excited to have the chance to tell this important story. We will be covering:

  • key milestones in the construction process
  • interesting developments and opportunities in arts and health/arts for health and wellbeing / social inclusion, locally, throughout Scotland and internationally
  • hosting guest blogs that show the value and relevance of the arts in mental health and the health-care environment (or other related environments).

The guest blogs, so far contributed by John Fulton (Art Therapist/Principal Art Psychotherapist in South Ayrshire Psychological Services) and Donald Urquhart (one of the Arts Co-ordinators on the project), will be written by artists, mental health practitioners, architects and the community and we’d…

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Historic Diagrams That Shaped The Modern City

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Tempting Failure

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Davis & Jones’ MOVE

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Very nice response to the process of building a new hospital – “Davis & Jones invited surgeons and engineers to visit each others’ places of work and explore similarities and difference…”

The result is a new work commissioned from a medical illustrator comprising a pair of images.  MOVE.

Thinking about failure

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